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tv   Deutsche Welle Journal  LINKTV  June 8, 2013 2:30pm-3:01pm PDT

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>> welcome to the journal on dw. the headlines this hour, nelson mandela is back in the hospital. this time the doctor say it is serious. dams is still a threat of breaking in germany with thousands being evacuated. and serena williams proves she is the best women's tennis player in the world again at the french open. >> former south african
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president nelson mandela is in the hospital again with a serious lung infection. lednobel peace laureate south africa as the first black resident after decades of apartheid rule. he is seen around the world as a symbol of peace and forgiveness. >> once again, south africa is praying for nelson mandela. early saturday, the former president was rushed to the hospital with a lung infection. he is said to be in serious but stable condition. >> it is a lung infection, pneumonia. it affects all sorts of things, including breathing, but i am told by the doctors that he is breathing on his own. i think that is a positive sign. >> it is the third time this year the 94-year-old has been admitted to the hospital. when he was discharged after receiving treatment for pneumonia in april, president ticket zubov visited him at home. mandela is seen as a hero i many south africans. haslatest hospitalization
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triggered another outpouring of concern for the country's first black leader. i pray for him that he can get better and better and better. he is the best man in this country. >> get better, papa. we miss you. we miss your face. although no longer politically active, nelson mandela is still a strong moral force in south africa. fearanalysts reconciliation between whites and blacks could break down in a post-mandela period. >> for more, let's go to the daily mail and guardian correspondent, philip. what can you tell us about his condition? >> we know virtually nothing new since this morning when we learned he is in the hospital,
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that his condition is serious but stable, and that is a recurrence of the lung infection that he suffered before. that is really all we know during course of the day. we have failed to find any official confirmation even of the hospital that he is in. there are two hospitals in victoria. he could be in either one of those. we're not getting any more details from officials. aboutot of concerns mandela. how have south africans been reacting to the news. >> we have grown used to these healthcare's. -- health scares. i think people are a little immune to the kind of panic we saw initially. there is of course a great deal of concern. there have been many calls for prayer for nelson mandela, many people expressing their love and support of him and his family. but will we also heard is there is an increasing number of voices saying it is time for south africa perhaps to let him go, at him go on his final
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journey without laying guilt on him. he may leave us behind, but are happy that time has come. >> thank you, philip. in germany, large parts of the country are still threatened by massive flooding. to riseba is expected further, forcing thousands to evacuate their homes. tens of thousands of emergency workers and soldiers have been drafted in to reinforce the dams. relentless.was many streets have become impassable. ofidents of this town rosenberg had expected to escape the worst of the floods. those hopes word asked when one of the dams in the town burst. ofwe were expecting a flood 2.5 meters. nobody knows where it will pass or how far it would spread. at the moment, the focus is on bringing everybody to safety. in saxony,city
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evacuations are underway. the water levels here surged to 7.3 meters, a new record. residents of this nursing home were brought to safety, but experts believe the worst is yet to come. as dresden recovers from the worst, saxony and lower saxony are bracing themselves for more flooding. residents along the elbow river are doing everything they guerin -- everything they can to prevent damage, but nobody can predict what the week and will bring. on the to new britain, the water is slowly receding, paving the way for a vague cleanup. the extent of the damage is only coming to light. though some are returning home, the situation remains critical. parts of the town are still underwater. many dams are in danger of bursting and there is more rain forecast for the weekend. >> the german foreign minister
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has met with the new pakistani leader in islamabad. he is the first senior western diplomat to visit since parliament voted him prime minister this week. focused on bringing peace to afghanistan. he has signaled he is not likely to make changes to pakistan's current policies. a strong reaction in germany to revelations the united states government has been tapping into internet and phone service to monitor citizen activity. opposition is calling on angela merkel to tackle the issue when she meets with u.s. president barack obama later this month. the u.s. secret service admitted to accessing fast -- vast qualities of information by the servers of major internet companies like google, facebook, and yahoo. operationrterrorism has attracted criticism both at home and abroad. it is not clear whether the companies affected knew about the practice.
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u.s. president barack obama and china's new president are holding an informal summit at a retreat outside of los angeles this weekend. the two leaders have been discussing the increasingly fraught issue of hacking and cyber security. north korea is also expected to be on the agenda. >> an icebreaker. one that is hoped to ease tensions on several fronts between the nations. this is their first encounter since he became the first president. the informal meeting has an ambitious agenda. cyber espionage dominated the summit thursday. obama faces criticism at home over u.s. government spy programs. he avoided talking to beijing about cyber snooping. both presidents promised to protect his this and government from cyber attack. iswhat we both recognize
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that because of these incredible advances in technology, that the issue of cybersecurity and the rules and common approaches to cybersecurity are going to be increasingly of bilateralpart relationships and multilateral relationships. >> we need to pay close attention to this issue and study ways to resolve it effectively. this matter could be an area where china and the united states work together with each other pragmatically. so i am happy to learn a working group on cybersecurity has been set up. this is an issue the two sides will continue to discuss. >> up until now, they have not agreed on much. still, they are promising cooperation. there is a lot at stake with the summit. both sides want the meeting to
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help u.s.-chinese relations. >> to turkey, where thousands have hit the streets for another day of protests in defiance of the prime minister's demand for an immediate and to the demonstrations. earlier today in istanbul, hundreds of women marched on the part that has become the focus of the protests. they called for recognition of women's rights. the capital ankara also saw mass rallies. protesters there accused the government of ruling in an increasingly authoritarian style. the defending formula one champ sebastian pull-up as the pole position for the grand prix in montréal. the german red bull driver finished ahead of both mercedes drivers in a week when that team has come under heavy criticism for its controversial in season tire testing. the mercedes pilot was second fastest, but his german teammate will start back and
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forth in montréal, having been on the pole the last three races in a row. in tennis, 31-year-old serena williams has become the oldest woman to win the french open, with only her second title at roland garros in 11 years. she beat maria cher popa in straight sets. sharapova inaria straight sets. >> finally serena williams was french open champion again. she treated roland garros to text look clay-court tennis, dominating long rallies from deep. in the first set, neither player could seem to hold serve. williams finally broke maria cher post -- maria sharapova decisively. sharapova had major problems with her first serve.
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effort after effort failed to clear the net, even though she threw everything at williams at the start of the second set. williams broke the russian and the third game to virtually decide the affair. with impeccable concentration, she took set two 6-4 as well. after just under two hours, she sealed the victory with an ace. it was her second french open win and 16th slam in all. >> israel is hosting the european soccer championships. while eight teams are competing, for germany's young stars, the trip is about more than just sports. >> a warm welcome, and all respects to the german under-21 team in israel. the squad usually trains at night to avoid scorching daytime temperatures. it's been two years preparing for the tournament. it is one of the biggest sport in competitions is real has hosted. israel abeen to
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few times before. the political situation between germany and israel play role, of course, so that is why it is special for us. >> germany's young players see it that way also and are determined to move beyond their poor opening performance to take the title. is beingionship closely followed by fans at home as well. has german flags, a rare sight in this part of the world. his is just one of the many bars across the area.
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>> jerusalem has gone football crazy. they're continuing to attract the biggest crowd of fans. >> princess madeleine tied the knot saturday. the wedding ceremony was attended by royals and socialites from around the world. princes is fourth in line to the swedish throne. fight groom struggled to back his tears as his bride was accompanied down the aisle by her father, the king. chrisw york is this man o'neal married his princess after a two-year relationship. the ceremony took lace in both english and swedish. >> will you take her to be your
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wife, to love her in times of need? >> i will. >> a somewhat shy kiss from the newlyweds did not mask their joy at the occasion. otherguests included members of sweden's royal family, the crown princess victoria and her husband there with their young daughter. matalintunning dress, was the picture of a fairytale princess. the couple left the chapel to be greeted by thousands of well- wishers. they kissed again for the spectators. before taking a horse-drawn carriage through stockholm. lavish aswas not as their last royal wedding in 2010, they were still thrilled by the spectacle. >> a beautiful dress and a beautiful bride. a beautiful couple, absolutely,
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and lots of love. >> three years ago, princess madeleine broke off an engagement with her ex fiancé. now she has finally. her happy ending. -- now she finally has her happy ending. >> stay with us. >> the city located where two major rivers merge, experiencing their worst flood disaster in centuries. begun receding, leaving behind debris and mud. residents are cleaning up and determined to get back to life as normal. rubber boots are essential equipment. helpers have to trudge through water and mud. those without boots create makeshift ones. this volunteer has turned a sturdy plastic bag into protective gear.
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she says all you need to do is tie around your foot and leg and that will keep the mud out. i asked if it works. he said yesterday it held for three or four hours, but today he tied the bags tighter. at this office at sol university, carolyn is coordinating student volunteer efforts. the students are organized and doing what they can. it is nice, she says, at residency are not all lazy students. we also roll up our sleeves. we are residents, too. we want life to get back to normal. students have proven ready to lend a hand. 2000 to 3000 are helping every day. sent tohe volunteers
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the banks of the river is studying to become a teacher. >> we are lucky our own living quarters are not affect it. now that the water is gone, it is unbelievable how wrecked and full of mud everything is, but it is uplifting to see everyone helping out. >> but the city is not free of the flood waters just yet, as i see when joined authorities on patrol. warmly you would be able to stroll along this promenade here. now you cannot even stand on the spot. this person is incredulous. he says it is shocking what nature is capable of when you realize how vulnerable you are despite technology and flood defenses. there has been a lot of investment here, but in the end, mother nature was a meter higher
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than expected. the location means it is prone to flooding, but never before has it been this bad. to water has even crept up places previously considered safe. been the case for this person. he wants to get into his apartment and see how bad this is. but he cannot access it yet. cannot even see the house, he says. it is located down a side street, almost the last house before the spot where the rivers meet. he waves over the water police, but they cannot dock. the water is too deep and the current is dangerous. the most direct way is blocked by piles of sand and mud. the students ought to be studying for her bar exams, but she says there are more
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important things at the moment. they have been wheeling one load of mutter after another out of flooded his misses. she says the disaster is weighing on everyone's minds. are person and his wife worried about their home, but they are trying to look on the bright side. disasters always have a positive side, she says, and people show solidarity and stand together. echoes a little way to helping reduce the devastation. this person and other student volunteers have been assigned to help clean up this bar that was completely submerged. all that is left is mud. it is everywhere. the owner had not even been in business a year when the floods struck. a firefighter once told him you have to fight water with water.
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the worst part, the mother, is cleared with more water. mud, isorst part, the cleared with more water. he invested all of his savings and took out a loan. he says without government assistance, he will not be able to pay back the money he still owes the bank. a normal salary would not be enough. without help, he says he will be ruined for the next 10 years. the 28-year-old does not even want to think about that prospect right now. at the moment, he says he is just grateful he is not left all alone with the cleanup work. this student volunteer says the town is tightknit. studying here and taking advantage of the city's offerings, it is only right to show solidarity and help out. this person and his wife went to take stock and get to work. a are still hopeful of getting a
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ride from the water police, but they are told the mud is nearly two meters deep, to the couple's disbelief. the authorities say it could take another two days until they are able to reach their home. he says apparently it is impossible until the mud has been cleared. all one meter and 80 centimeters of it. couple are now afraid their house could be covered in mud, too. he says the houses further down towards the river were known for floods, with living quarters elevated above ground level. -- they were built for floods. but there is was not. he never thought the water could rise so high, so fast. they simply were not prepared. sandbags were not enough to hold back the water, with flood
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levels reaching a peak of 12 meters 80. , theyt the university are taking calls coming in by the minute via the emergency hotline. she asks what people need. the residents have also been using facebook to announce what help they are help jake they are looking for or o are in a position to give. just calledtudent to ask for help for an elderly neighbor who has lost everything. five, tears are being dispatched to help her gather her belongings and calm her nerves. ' crisis response has proven effective. put togethern care packages with food for the
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volunteers. students say they have packed cheese and sausage sandwiches, fruit, and sweets, and hopefully it is enough for the aid workers. the food has been donated by businesses. the care packages are distributed to cruise in the city center. a firefighter expresses surprise at the quality of the student's goodies and asks that everyone is thankful for them. even the helpers say thanks. and there is even dessert. is givingream vendor out free chocolate ice cream the volunteers. makes peopleream happy, especially chocolate flavor. it boosts hormone levels and makes you smile. that way people's faces shine again like the sun.
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people are happy when they can eat ice cream and there is no more rain over the city anymore. ice cream always helps. police continued to patrol and the currents remain dangerous. this person has been a member of the voluntary water police brigade for 23 years and this is his first major test. it is fun to help, he says. you gain useful experience. he says it is a good way to spend his leisure time. another reason everyone is eager to help is the city depends on porous him. it is hoped visitors will want to return soon. -- the city depends on porous him - on tourism. the woman asks if this is the way. her husband has already managed to gain entry, supposedly by passing through this house.
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she cannot believe the scene around her. the water is waist high. luckily, she gets some assistance. she is grateful for it. it is unbelievable, she says. finally, she reaches her address. the floors are pending, she exclaims. again, she cannot comprehend how high the waters were. but she is relieved all of her patient files in the cabinets above are secured. she has a psychiatry practice upstairs. the floor is ruined, but at least her files have an spared. -- but at least her files have been spared. the damage could have been worse.
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the couple were evacuated from this balcony several days ago. emergency crews rescued them with large votes once the water reached dangerous levels -- with large boats once the water reached dangerous levels. now many are wondering how much their insurance will cover. this school gym should be usable again in a matter of days. first, 30 five centimeters of mud have to be cleared. this person is one of the volunteers. it is a different job this time, she says. it is hard work, but not impossible. you stay busy. the building custodian is coordinating the 30 volunteer helpers in his gym. as a native of the city, he has lived through a number of floods.
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this one, he says, has overwhelmed him. city has not experienced a flood like this in 500 years.
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